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Sharing Aloha Through Art and Education

by Dalani Tanahy

 The Art of Kapa

"My art is a combination of history, culture and the Native/global perspective. It is a study of natural resources to create color and texture. It is listening to the guiding voice of ancestors through strands of DNA. The making of kapa is both physical and meditative. It is finding a patience you never knew existed, through an ancient rhythmic pulse that echoes far into the future. " 

Classes & Commissioned Arts

Commissioned Artwork

When you order your own custom kapa, I cut down a paper mulberry tree and my work begins.  From the dalai lama to the latest newborn, Hawaiian kapa adorns homes and humans.  Let me create a special Hawaiian work of art for you.  If you are a designer looking to create a Hawaiian/Pacifica look for a client please contact me about licensing or original work.

Kapa Classes

Whether you are tapping into your own cultural past or looking to expand your artistic expression, I offer classes for all ages and reasons.  Check my list of ongoing classes, sign up for my year long REAL Time kapa course or contact me about creating a kapa class for yourself or your group.

Kapa Shop & More

Please visit our shop for ready made framed and unframed kapa and kapa related or inspired items.  From beautiful sheet sets to natural dyes we will have something you like!

Looking for something special?

Ask me and I’ll be happy to help!

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