Art Gallery Exhibits

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1-Endless Threads: The Art of Hawaiian Quilting
     Mission Houses Museum, Hono. HI    Aug to Oct 2003
2-Ho`okahi Kapa:  Layers of Life
    Bishop Museum-Vestibule Gallery-Hawaiian Hall    , Honolulu, HI     July to Oct 2006
3-Hali`a Aloha, O na Loina Hawai`i: Fond Reflections of Hawaiian Cultural Tradition
    Leeward Community College, Pearl City, HI    Nov to Dec 2007

4-Threading the Oceania Ula: The 10th Festival of Pacific Arts
    Pago Pago, American Samoa        July to Aug 2008
5-Maui the Kite Maker
    Bishop Museum, Science Adventure Center,  Honolulu, HI    May 2009 to Present

6-Ho`olaulole:  The Joy of Wearable Art
    Bishop Museum- Joseph M. Long Gallery, Honolulu, HI    Nov 2009 to Mar 2010
7-Celebration of Hawaii, 2010
    Viewpoints Gallery, Makawao, HI    Jan-Feb 2010

    Andrew Rose Gallery, Honolulu, HI    Apr to May 2010
    Also ongoing works in this gallery        2010 to present

9-Papahanaumoku-Earth Mother
    Louis Pohl Gallery, Honolulu, HI        Apr to May 2010
10-Celebration of Hawaii, 2011    
    Viewpoints Gallery, Makawao, HI    Jan to Mar 2011

11-On Paper II
    Andrew Rose Gallery            July to Sept 2013        
12-Works created for the National Museum of the American Indian
    NMAI, Washington DC            2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

13-Mohala Hou Ke Kapa, 2014
    Sheaffer Gallery, Maui Arts and Culture Center, Maui HI  Jan to Mar 2014

    Honolulu Academy Art School        Apr 11-21, 2014

15-British Museum
E Kῡ Ana Ka Paia

Kapa by Dalani Tanahy, pāwehe by Maile Andrade, 2010
The Kῡkalepa forms on kapa made for Kῡ.

Our past is bound together, three paths taken - of palapalai, 'ōlena and 'alae - all leading to one, our future unfolding together.

Presented to the British Museum in honor of the exhibition E Kῡ Ana Ka Paia at Bishop Museum, June 5 - Oct. 4, 2010.
    Kapa by Dalani Tanahy, 2014
    Pacific Barkcloth Exhibition, Room 91 (February to August 2015)
    Currated by Natasha McKinney



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Local & International Kapa Sharing and Education
2010 - present
2010 - present
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Polynesian Cultural Center
    “Lei Pulama Ola”, Lifetime Achievement Award;  
     Loea Hana Kapa
   4 September 2013