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Kapa On Your Body

Kapa Clothing

Hawaiian kapa was made for many purposes, but most people equate it with native clothing.  I have been challenged with making soft, pliable, durable and beautiful kapa pieces that were to be worn.  From the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, to a fashion show in Samoa to the grand opening of the Disney Aulani Resort, I have been able to create traditional and modern kapa clothing.  If you imagine yourself wearing yards of flowing kapa, or a simple kapa scarf like the Dalai Lama, let me know what kind of kapa you would like to adorn yourself with!

Baby Kapa

Keiki is the Hawaiian word that usually means child, but kama, or kamali`i, refers to a beloved child.  Even the famous demi-god Kamapua`a, who was part man and part pig was named beloved pig child by his Grandmother.  From the first breath, a child would be wrapped in warm kapa.  I have been able to make kapa that literally caught a baby as it was born and others that were created for babies after they were cleaned up!  Expecting a new arrival to your home?  Ask me about a baby kapa.  If your keiki is a hula dancer I can also make children's size pa'u skirt or malo loincloth.

Wedding Kapa

The ancient word for marriage in Hawaiian is ho`ao, however, marital relationships could be fairly fluid with ceremonies being little more than agreements, although in the case of chiefly weddings, they would probably be more elaborate.  It has been an honor to create these very special kapa that symbolically wrap and encase a newlywed couple as they prepare to move forward through life together.  These kapa can be eight or move feet long so give me enough time to get yours finished in time for the big day!  Want to be dressed traditionally?  I can do the malo and pa`u skirt as well.  Want to add a touch of kapa to your wedding dress, we can do that too!

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